How to export QuickBooks Desktop Company files to QuickBooks Online?

How to export QuickBooks Desktop Company files to QuickBooks Online?

Hi this is Harry from the QuickBooks team.

When you make the move to QuickBooks Online, you can bring your company’s info with you.

Your customers, vendors, transactions, etc. are copied to your new file in QuickBooks Online

Let’s go over how to prepare your data for the movie and then copy in to your new QuickBooks Online account.

Step -1

The 1st step is to update to the newest version of QuickBooks.

Step -2

Select Help… Update QuickBooks Desktop … and then Update Now.

Step -3

At the End of the update you might need to restart QuickBooks and Your computer.

If you already have the latest version, you will see that there are no updates to perform.

Step -4

If you need to run payroll or pay any payroll taxes, be sure to perform those tasks before copying your data to QuickBooks Online.

Now you are ready to export.

It’s important to remember through that even after you export your company’s info, you can always refer back to your existing QuickBooks Desktop company file at any time.

This Process doesn’t do anything to make that data go away.

Step -5

To get started, select Company … Export your company File to QuickBooks Online

Step -6

If you’ve already set up a QuickBooks Online account, select I’m ready to Move.

Or Select try it out to begin your Free 30 day’s trial.

Step -7

QuickBooks Checks to make sure that your company’s data is ready to be copied. Select Continue.

Step -8

Here you can sign into an existing QuickBooks Online account…or create a new one.

It’s important to remember that your QuickBooks Desktop credentials.

Since you Company’s info is in your company file, you don’t need much to set up your new account.

Step – 9

Just your email address, a password and some other pieces of information will do.

Step – 10

You’ll see your level of QuickBooks Online subscription… and your company’s name

The come from your existing company file’s settings.

Step – 11

Select Continue… and Upload.

Step – 12

The upload process can take a few minutes.

Step – 13

You’ll receive an email when the process is complete and that email you’ll also see instructions on how to access your QuickBooks Online Account.

Step – 14

Once you get that notification, it’s a good time to compare your original company information to the data you have in your QuickBooks Online.

Step – 15

Open your profit & loss statement, and run it for this year to date.

Step – 16

Then switch to QuickBooks Online… and run the same report with the same date range.

Step – 17

You can do the same thing with your Balance sheet, A/R and A/P reports, and more, to confirm that everything arrived safely.

Now you’re ready to move own data to QuickBooks Online.

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